August 2020 and Beyond

Hi Team,

Let me get right to it: I have decided to defer the swim from Chicago to Grand Haven until 2021. Given the rising number of COVID-19 cases, I don’t feel that I can keep my crew safe anymore. Although my social distancing will be at optimum levels in the water, marathon swimming is a team sport, and I’m just one person on the team. If I can’t keep my team safe, then the decision is made for me and it’s actually a pretty easy one.

This is certainly not the blog post I anticipated writing a year ago and one that I wish I wasn't sharing, but I feel like this is the right thing to do. If you feel like I threw a "bait and switch" at you since I closed my last post saying how content I was, then I feel ya! It's been a roller coaster!

Instead of the “real” swim, I am trying to put together a 24-hour swim a little north of Chicago in Lake Michigan for the end of August. I will give more details on that as I get it together! My goal for this swim is to bring more awareness to type 1 diabetes and get a spike donations.

Regardless of what happens in August 2020, I am still dedicated to this cause and this swim. I’m looking forward to staying on this ride throughout the next year and raising more awareness for type 1 diabetes and funds for the Chicago Diabetes Project!

Thank you for your ongoing support. I hope you'll stick with me as I navigate the coming year. And watch out because now I'm just getting started.

Talk to you soon.

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I’ll post in MUCH more detail once I get some sleep, but just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved. We did it! We raised $10,000 so far, which is incredibly humbling. Thank you everyone!