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Endurance Test: Peloton Style

Hello Team!

I need your help!

My 24-hour training swim in the San Francisco Bay was scheduled to take place this Monday to Tuesday (May 18-19), but as you know, plans change!

Even though the training swim can’t happen at the original time, I still want to something in the overnight hours to practice taxing my body when I would normally be sleeping. So here’s the plan: I’m doing a ~7.5 hour ride on the Peloton TOMORROW (Sunday, May 17th), from 12AM to 7:30AM CDT. You read that right! I'm riding in the wee hours of the morning! My goal distance is 108 miles, the distance from Chicago to Grand Haven.

I’ll be taking 10 on-demand Peloton rides, starting and ending with Robin Arzon. (If you aren’t familiar with her, do yourself a favor and look her up!) She has a host of accomplishments (author, ultramarathon runner, and former lawyer to name a few!), and also happens to have type 1 diabetes. Like so many other people with type 1, you may never know. I find her inspiring and I’m so thankful for her! She was also the first person who publicly shared the news about this swim. Starting and ending with her seemed right. 💙

Here’s how you can help. Whether you have a Peloton or not, I’d love your support! I’ll be checking in throughout the ride on social media so head over to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and give me some high fives while I’m riding!

For my fellow Peloton people, my schedule is below! I’ll be riding under the leaderboard name DiabetesSwim. You can also follow the tag #GreatDiabetesSwim. (The weird start times are to give me enough time to switch classes, but I’m planning to stay riding the entire time!)

I’d much rather be swimming, but trying to do my best with what I have!

Hope you all have a great weekend and blow me up with those high fives!

Also, here are direct links to the rides!

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