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I have water!

Drum roll please. This week, I swam twice. Who knew that would be such a monumental statement?! Also, good news. I still remember how to swim! 😄

I have an open beach, and thanks to an extremely generous family, I have a pool. I’m going to have to say that again. I have a pool!!!!!!! I am overwhelmed by their kindness and so thankful. It’s a great size where I can “tether swim” (video below!) Tether swimming is where you’re attached by a tether, usually at your ankles or waist, so you can swim in place. It’s actually become quite popular during quarantine! I’ve been watching videos and posts of people doing it since shelter-in-place started, and after finally trying it myself, I am even more inspired and impressed by all of the tether swimmers out there! The extra resistance is no joke!

Now that I have water to swim in (!!!), my focus is acclimating to the colder water temperatures so I can really start training again! I can’t wait until the water and weather are warmer, but for now, I’m going to take what I can get! Here are my new monthly goals:

  • May: 6-12-hour training swim

  • June: 12-24-hour training swim

  • July: 24-hour training swim

  • August: GET IT

There are certainly still a lot of question marks and no guarantees, but that’s where I’m at right now! I’ll keep you posted!

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Yay! Where is it?!?


Awesome update Marian! I love getting them. All my best with your goals and taking full advantage of the WATER!!

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