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It's been a minute

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

It’s been a minute since I swam seriously, which means it’s been a minute for a whole lot of other things. So here is, “It’s been a minute since…”

It’s been a minute since I remembered what it was like to:

  • Always have wet hair.

  • On that rare occasion, take a shower at home and make the bathroom smell like chlorine.

  • Have skin that feels like it’s burning.

  • Wake up hearing myself say, “ow.”

  • Tell myself, “Ugh. Shut up.” after realizing I just said “ow” out loud.

  • Dread taking that first plunge in the pool each morning

  • Daily forget I dread taking the first plunge in the pool each morning until I’m standing at the edge of the pool.

  • Take the first few strokes during warmup and feel so sore I’m not sure if I can make it through warmup, let alone practice, but then I do.

  • Remind myself I made it through warmup and practice this morning so I can do it again this afternoon.

  • Feel strong.

  • Feel like I can do something that others describe as crazy. Maybe it is a little bit 😉

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1 Comment

Yes queen! Get after it. So proud of you! 🥰

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