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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Something that continues to amaze me about type 1 diabetics is simply discovering that they have type 1 diabetes. It’s a disease that doesn’t seem to show, but also a 24/7 job. As a huge Harry Potter fan, I always hear Mad-Eye Moody saying, “Constant Vigilance!” when I think about the unending effort monitoring type 1 diabetes requires. It sounds exhausting, and I know I can’t imagine how exhausting it actually is.

So when I learn someone has type 1, I’m speechless. It feels like a gear in my brain has been jammed, while I very slowly put some pieces together. First, I’m hit with the level of effort managing it requires; then I think about what they’ve accomplished; then I think about what they’ve accomplished while managing diabetes. Then my brain starts un-jamming and I’m stunned because they’ve done everything with such strength and humility. And finally, I’m left thinking, “Of course” as in, “Of course I wouldn’t know.” This is their everyday. They don’t have a choice. They decided a long time ago diabetes wouldn’t define them so it doesn’t. It’s why a disease that never seems to show actually doesn’t show; because diabetes never quits, neither do they.

So today being Super Bowl Sunday, I wondered which football players and athletes in general have type 1 diabetes. During my search, I had multiple “of course” moments. One of those occurred after seeing Jay Cutler’s name pop up. As a Chicago-area native, I’m no newbie to Cutler. He was a hot topic in local news and general chatter during his time with the Bears, but just today I learned he has type 1. So take a look below and please share any #Type1Tough athletes in your lives with me!

#Type1Tough Athletes


· Chris Dudley

· Adam Morrison


· Adam Duvall

· Ty Cobb

· Sam Fuld

· Bill Gullickson

· Dave Hollins

· Jim “Catfish” Hunter

· Jason Johnson

· Brandon Morrow

· Ron Santo


· Mark Andrews

· Kenny Duckett

· Mike Echols

· Elliott Fry

· Jonathan Hayes

· Jay Leeuwenburg

· Henry Mondeaux

· Kendall Simmons

· Wade Wilson


· Bobby Clarke

· Nick Boynton

· Max Domi

· Darren Eliot

· Luke Kunin


· Kelli Kuehne

· Michelle McGann

· Scott Verplank

Mountain Climbing

· Will Cross


· Robin Arzon

· Missy Foy


· Kris Freeman

· Chuck Heidenreich


· José Ignacio Fernández Iglesias (aka Nacho)


· Gary Hall


· Ham Richardson

· JC Aragone

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