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The Great Diabetes Swim: 24-Hour Edition

Hi Team!

It's finally time for a swim.

I am happy to introduce The Great Diabetes Swim: 24-Hour Edition!

The swim from Chicago to Grand Haven is still deferred to next summer, but pending the weather, this Saturday, August 29th*, I will be swimming 24-hours non-stop from 4 PM on Saturday to 4 PM on Sunday. My goal is to swim 40 miles, which will be my longest swim to date! (*It was previously scheduled for 8/28 - 8/29, but delayed 1 day due to weather.)

I will be swimming back and forth along the Wilmette shoreline between Tower Road Beach and Northwestern University, a roughly 5-mile path one-way (see maps below). You can track my progress here. My crew will also be posting periodic updates to Facebook and Instagram during the swim so head over to @DiabetesSwim to follow along!

Organizing this swim has been a massive team effort. Attempting it couldn't have been possible without the the incredible help and support of my teammates. During the swim, I will have an army of people supporting me and I am so thankful for them!

The weather is looking threatening for tomorrow, but I will keep you posted! In the meantime, here are a couple of answers to questions that I have received:

How does it work?

  • If the weather cooperates, I will enter the water at 4PM on Saturday (8/28) and take off. If the weather makes this swim unsafe, then I will push the swim 24 hours and start on Saturday. UPDATE: This did happen and the swim is now scheduled to start on Saturday, 8/29 at 4PM.

  • I will always have at least 1 kayak escorting me. I have an amazing kayaking crew and the kayakers will rotate about every 4 hours.

  • Every 30 minutes I will stop for about 60 seconds and drink a high-calorie/carb drink while treading water.

  • At 4PM the next day, I will exit the water!

How can I help?

  • Share this! I’m asking people to donate $24 to represent the 24-hour swim! I’d love to get a spike in donations and awareness for type 1 diabetes!

  • If you are inclined to pray, please pray for good weather and for our safety!

Thanks for sticking with me!! Time to hit it!

24-Hour Swim Route

Multiple round trips between Tower Road Beach and Northwestern University

A zoomed out view to put it in context of Lake Michigan

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Best of luck Marian! May all the forces be with you!!


Hi Marian,

Awesome! I'll be watching for updates, tracking your progress, and wish you all the best! Thank you for your support!!

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